Monday, January 16, 2017

Cloudy an dchilly

Tanka - Chilly, cloudy and a wind coming up!

Started with some soft brushing in his pen before taking him out to the round pen.

Today in the round pen, I said "You can buck and act crazy when you go by Hubby but then you have to canter faster on the other side when you are away from Hubby." You can slow down and trot or walk near Hubby but you have to work harder on the other side of the round pen.

I think it helped. Too much acting like a wild man. Bucking, crow hopping or shying when going by Hubby or what ever leads to more work:)

Had Tanka rest near Hubby.

Skipped the whole desensitizing to the bag. Used the shorter whip as a pointer and desensitized with that some. Used the rope to desensitize.

Worked on head down.

We had some lovely soft time together and some Momma is getting tough time:)

He joined up with me in slow motion and I enjoyed just hanging out, talking softly and rubbing his face.

Finished up by walking down the scary driveway. He shied into me a bit due to moving leaves and I got him off me and backed him up. I hung out in the driveway. Hubby popped out of the garage, crawled under the truck, did some grunting and cursing at the truck.. I had Tanka do some work in circles on the lead and yield fore and aft while all this was going on.

Yes, it seems like slow going but we are making progress. It's going to come together.

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