Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tanka gets more training

The trainer came over today. I managed to discuss goals with her when she said "He really hasn't had any real world experience." I said he had not and that is why I thought maybe it is a bit soon for the saddle. He does after all have so much to learn right now.
She stayed on the rail of the round pen while I had Tanka go around. Tanka is getting better but I did have to pressure him to go closer to her.
She noticed a huge improvement in the way Tanka and I worked together in the round pen. She helped me reconfigure some wood logs into some new patterns and Tanka and I worked on that. Obstacles are a good way to get him to pick up his feet.
Showed her drop your head, turn your head to me [she gave me some tips on hand placement] simulating reining. Stuff like that.
This gal is great at obstacles. And she did some stuff to help Tanka get better with people and objects that move without going overboard and running the horse into me. Very happy.
The trainer kept walking up to Tanka and petting him. That is helping Tanka get better at people coming up to him or hanging out near him.
We discussed how all these little things will come together for Tanka later when he is actually being ridden. I think the trainer and I are more or less on the same page. That is a good thing.
I told her it was time to wrap it up so we took Tanka back to his home pen. We stood and talked with him "tied" to the rail. Loosely wrapped roped. Then she and I petted on him and got him used to having hands and such near his face while he mostly relaxed.
I finished up with his muzzle in my hand while he leaned into me looking content and loved.

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