Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tanka and I did good

Tanka - Success on two or three fronts. May be four!
We got out of his pen this afternoon looking really relaxed.
Took him through the brushier area in back of the garage, through the fruit orchard and let him sniff the boat. No spooks.
He did reach out to nibble/bite me when I asked him to back up so I backed him up hard and big!
Back through the brushy area to the round pen. Asked for and got good movement on the lead for back, turn fore, turn hind, step up, turn and walk and turn and walk.
Let him stew on that while I went and got treats for all. Had Hubby hand out carrots.
Then Hubby stood back from the rail about 3 feet and Tanka walked smoothly around the round pen. I did have to push Tanka towards the rail a few times but turn, walk, turn, walk. Had Hubby step up a foot. Did it some more. Turn, walk, turn walk. Had Hubby step up one more step. Turn, walk. No bucking, crow hopping, jumping off the rail!!!!
I even bumped it up to a trot a few times. No problems.
Had Tanka turn towards Hubby. Finally got Tanka to take a carrot from Hubby.
Finished up with a few kind words and Tanka followed me to the gate. He's been hesitant to follow but I handed out my last carrot for being so good. And, the plastic bag was no problem when it was spitting out carrots.
It did start falling apart briefly in the middle of my work with him but I stepped back, reminded myself that I should be doing this not that and we pulled it right back together.
Happy dance!

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