Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day one magnesium, calcium, b-vitamins for Pony Baloney

Day one of magnesium/calcium/B-vitamins for Pony Baloney.  The only problem is I put it on top of wet alfalfa pellets and chopped carrots and he didn't get all of it.  I may try putting it on apple slices next.

Tanka and I went out with Hubby today to do some work.  Tanka doesn't like someone walking near him.  We went down the driveway with Hubby next to me.  Then around the circle with Hubby on the other side of Tanka.  Tanka got big snow clumps on his feet...abort training mission.   So back up the driveway with Hubby next to Tanka all the way.

The round pen was free of snow.

I round penned Tanka with Hubby on the rail.  Tanka did not want to go near Hubby.  I got him going around and turning and trotting.  He bucked up a bit when going by Hubby a few times especially on his left side.  Walking and trotting and turning.  Hubby moved to another side of the pen.

Finally, rested Tanka near Hubby.  Then did some fore turns into Hubby a few times working slowly.  I thought it went well.

This afternoon, went back out and desensitized to the bag on a whip.  Went better today.  I started outside the pen and when Tanka made a small change like looking at it or flicking an ear forward, away went the bag.  Got inside and eventually Tanka touched the bag with his nose.  Best I have ever done at desensitizing. Called it good.

Did some brushing and making sure he could be brushed under the belly.  Picked up his feet.

Got the bareback pad out.  Showed it to him, turned and put it on him.  Reached under his belly, got the strap and pulled the girth tight.

We did some work with the bareback pad on.  I wanted him to walk out and then turn, whoa, turn, whoa on the lead.  It was tough going on the left side.  I finally managed to communicate well enough to get that whole thing working for us.

Quit while I was ahead of the game.  Asked him to walk with his attention on me to his pen.

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