Sunday, January 15, 2017

Curly cu

Waiting for breakfast.

Amazing perfect curly cu of snow.

I thought it looked really neat.

Been 30 to 34 degrees day and night for a couple of days.

Tanka - Desensitized to the bag on a whip again. Eventually got the bag within a couple of feet of him on each side and decided we were doing pretty good.
Got out a bag not on the whip and rubbed it on the horse. He did pretty good with that.
Quit on a high note by having him follow the bag and the whip as I put it away.
Had Hubby walk with us again. Had Hubby stand on the rail again.
Sometimes Hubby gets creative. He decided to hop up on the rail just as the horse went by. I'm glad I didn't get run over.
Had the horse turn gently into Hubby again today. Asked Tanka to go out on a lead and turn and walk.
Kind of a repeat of yesterday.
It's cold and horrible but at least we are doing something.
I decided to call the trainer/neighbor and she is coming out on Thursday.
I'll do it again tomorrow.!

Day 2 of calming powder for Pony.

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