Wednesday, January 11, 2017

There is a sun

There is a sun!!!! Days of storms are not over but we got a break.
Tanka Update: Well, I put Tanka out into the big pen for a couple of hours while I cleaned 2 horse pens and a goat pen. It isn't perfect out there but it is improved. This storm has been ongoing but I have managed to pretty much keep up!
I got Tanka into the round pen, took his halter off and asked him to walk, trot, turn, canter.
I worked on desensitizing him to the bag on a whip. Went okay but it will take a few more sessions.
Worked with the bareback pad. Didn't try to cinch it up just showed it to him, had him follow it and put it on/took it off on both sides. Trying to watch for those little signs of acceptance. Rubbed his sides/belly where the cinch would touch him .
Asked him on the lead to go out.... turn, go out, walk, whoa, turn, go out, walk, whoa. Back and forth.
You know, it wasn't our best day. The wind was coming up and Tanka was a bit jumpy and a little pushy. Too many days cooped up, I suppose.
I asked him to pay attention to me on our walk back to his pen and not the scary leaves blowing in the wind. We ended with a send through the gate and a horsey hug and some rubs. We ended on a good note.
Was it perfect, nope. It was a try for both of us and I'll take it.

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