Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tanka Bucks a Bunch

The trainer came over today and I showed her what I was doing with Tanka.  Tanka touches anything I ask him to with his nose.  He is learning to push the ball and kick the ball.

She round penned him and got on him for not hustling.

We did the blanket and the saddle.  She got the bridle  on himwith a bit  this time.

She told me to go in the pen, check the girth and start him moving around the pen.

So, I did that.  Tanka goes around a time or two.

Then, all hell broke loose.  Tanka starts bucking like a maniac and seems to be blindly panicking.  I head for the rails and duck through.  He starts to calm down.

It was a WOW moment!

I get back in the pen with him and start him moving again.

The trainer is telling me to push him so that he will get near herself and Hubby who are hanging on the fence.  I'm thinking no way do I want to get that close to the horse.

He was still doing a pretty wild amount of trotting, cantering and hopping around a bit.

He's finally ready to slow down and I use pressure from my hands to stop him near the scary man on the fence.  That would be Hubby.

Then, turn him into the scary man and have him stop.  I did pretty good on that.  We did that for awhile.

I tried to drop the bit out of his mouth nicely but had a hard time.

The saddle was ready to come off.  I loosened the girth, walked to the other side to put up the stirrup.  I'm not sure what happened and neither is the trainer but what ever it was he backed up suddenly, the saddle and blanket flew off into the dirt and I was once again dodging an unhappy horse.

Once calmed down, he had to be reintroduced to the blanket and saddle to rub away the bad experience.

Anyway, it was a good day but a rough day.  Having someone talking at me the whole time and then telling me to do this or that and such is hard for me.  I actually know how to do some of the stuff  she is telling me to do but it seems like I don't when she is talking to me and I am working with the horse.  If that made sense to you.

I am learning a lot.  And I am not meaning that to sound critical.

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