Monday, December 19, 2016

Wiseguy and I at Lake Lahontan

This is adorable15 year old, 31 inch Wiseguy and I at the Lake nearby. We did our first group drives this year and it really was a lot of fun.
When I first bought Wiseguy [with the help of a trainer, mind you] he was trained to drive a cart. Really he was green broke, afraid of almost everything in the real world including, trash cans, dogs and rattling trailers.
He also bucked and reared when on the lead. He would spook terribly.
A small horse and a big challenge for my first horse at 52 years of age.
I walked him all over the neighborhood, had Hubby drive by us with a trailer hooked up to his truck, walked him where he could safely see dogs behind fences and other strange critters like pigs, goats and llamas.
I got him into the cart and then back out for another month when certain issues presented like not wanting to hold still after the "Whoa". I talked online with the mini horse group. They were wonderful and had fantastic suggestions.
I really enforced the no rearing on the lead. That was ridiculous and I was having it.
We've had a few adventures like the time a rabbit ran out of the sagebrush right under his front feet. That little horse , in one jump, turned 90 degrees but he stopped, we both pulled it together and off we went down the road.
This year group drives and we actually went through water in the cart. Another time, he did literally jump over a mud puddle with me in the cart:) I hung on and we both survived.
A number of people in the neighborhood have seen us on the road. I like to wave at the neighbors like Queen Elizabeth as we trot along.
I can honestly say that we are a wonderful team and that Wiseguy and I both like getting out on the road. He is still a bit spicy but we know each other and we do well together. It has been a wonderful four years together.

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