Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tanka has a major spook

So, I'm walking the horse from the big pen in the back to the night time pen near the house....Tanka and I are doing fine.....the terrier picks up a pool noodle, starts running with it like I have the prize!
Cash comes straight at Tanka and I.... Tanka major spooks and starts running into me....I tell him "Whoa, whoa, whoa, get off me" in a loud voice. and shove him over....I hang onto the rope and Tanka gets off me and circles a bit with his hind end away from me and stops.....
I tell him "That's better." We stand there for a few seconds and then I ask him to back, turn and go on walking to his pen. I tell him he needs to trust me and that it will all be fine as we are walking.
I went and found the pool noodle, brought it back to his pen and desensitized him with it.
Did I handle that okay???? Should I have handled that differently?
Personally, I believe that as we work together more and he starts realizing I am taking good care of him, I'm not going to let anything hurt him and I keep working with him and keep desensitizing him and being a good leader, he will stop spooking like that.
Honestly, I was pretty proud of myself for not feeling the least bit panicky as this was going on.

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