Monday, December 5, 2016

First time for me to saddle Tanka

This is my handsome Tanka doing so good. Only his second time with a saddle on and the first time with me! The trainer came over and we had Tanka crossing a tarp. 

I picked up his right foot and the booger tried to nip my back pocket. The trainer caught him and said "No" and corrected him. I have a plan to prevent that when I am out there by myself. If I wrap the rope around the panel right, he will run into his own pressure! I did pick up all four feet.

Tanka is so wonderful to work with. I got so lucky buying this horse.

Tanka sniffed the blanket and the saddle. I rubbed him with the blanket on both sides. Then, I got the blanket on him from both sides.

We took a break so the horse could think about what we just did. Eventually Tanka started chewing his lips.

The trainer thought he was willing so we showed him the saddle and slid it onto his back. I did that several times and from each side.

The trainer said he is so willing to learn, let's do the cinch and put a little off and on pressure. Then, we cinched it. Then we really cinched. Eventually we walked around with the saddle on. We did some 

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