Wednesday, November 30, 2016


First, Pony Baloney is still a challenge. However, I do feel like we are making progress. I think Pony and I need to spend some quality time and I will make that happen. He is improving but this is going to take some time and some effort. He was a nervous wreck yesterday but I tried to end on a good note.
Next, Tanka the wonder horse is doing good. The trainer/neighbor told me to start taking him out to the mail box so he has a job. We did that yesterday and it went pretty smoothly. He put his nose down to the asphalt to see what the road was made of. So cute. I had Hubby operate the gate so that we wouldn't have to but today, I will be opening the big driveway gate with Tanka.
The family came to see Tanka and MIL and FIL were taken back to when they had a sheep ranch. Very sweet. They were impressed with Tanka being so stout.
Trainer is suggesting that I start putting things near the round pen like a tarp, plastic bags, different things he might see on the trail. I can do that starting this today. I also have a giant ball he could play with. There are some pool noodles in the shed that I could get out.
The trainer also wants to put his blanket and his saddle [just a cheap saddle to practice with that she has loaned me] on the rail when she comes over tomorrow so he can come up to it and sniff it on his own terms.
She thinks he will be ready to ride before I know it:) We shall see. I need to get a hold of my friend to see what saddles she has for sale and see if any are suitable. She sold one recently for $175 which is doable.

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