Friday, November 18, 2016


Not really training related.
So, I come home this afternoon and two funny things happened. I went to Sonic Burger for lunch and they gave me a bunch of peppermints. [That's not the funny part.] I decide that in Black Beauty or Smokey or Sea Biscuit or some such book I've read about the trainer giving the horse a peppermint.
Tanka is nickering when I come in the gate so I decide to let him have a peppermint. He was suspicious but took it. Then he lifted his nose high into the air, put his lip up, showed all his teeth and got the funniest look on his face. I was laughing so hard.
No, he doesn't want another one.
Wiseguy thought they were great.
Pony Baloney said he'd take another but they weren't his favorite.
So, I go into the pen with Pony and Wiseguy so I can try on Pony's new halter. Why is there a mini horse with horns in the pen? Wait, that is Obie Wan Kanobi the giant goat. Is Brownie eating leaves under the mulberry tree? Rosie, no, don't do it, stay. I have 4 goats creating mayhem. They've pushed the heated water bucket to one side [I knew I should have refilled that his morning but it was too cold to use the hose.] They are darting from their pen out the hole into the horse pen. I told the dogs to round them up and they did!
On the note of training, Pony started to play a few games. I cut him off, reached out to pet his neck, slipped an arm over and tried on the new halter in no time! Victory is mine.

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