Monday, November 28, 2016

Tanka the new horse

Tanka still has a bit of snot sound in his nose but was feeling his oats when I took him out to the round pen today. He was upset that his friends had left and was whinnying and looking. Then, he was a bit pushier as I was leading him out. I think I handled him pretty good on the pushiness and I did ask him to stop and let him look at the goats and the other areas we were going through. This is all new for him.
We got to the round pen and I asked him to wait until I got in the gate and then invited him into the pen. I got his halter off and stood outside the pen and then I shooed him and he took off bucking and farting! I shooed him again so he could do it a second time. I figured he had some pent up energy and would probably do just that.
Then I went into the pen and asked him to walk him to pick up all four feet.
Hubby picked up all four feet as well.
Called it good for now.
While he was out of his pen and I have Hubby home today, we put down a rubber mat and a tire feeder for feeding him in his pen. I'm worried he will eat sand since we are living on a sand dune here. I've been making sure he has plenty of grass hay to eat so he doesn't scrounge too many crumbs from the ground but this set up should help and I won't feel the urge to overfeed him.
For now, we are waiting until next weekend to get plywood for the sides. Not supposed to be too windy and no rain/snow. We have relatives in town and I have three houses to clean this week. There's only so much my muscles can do.
I will probably go out and ask him to move his feet again later and put his halter on to ask him to back, move forequarters and hindquarters. Just to make sure he thinks I am the one moving the feet around here.

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