Monday, December 26, 2016

Tanka and Pony

We finally put Tanka and Pony Baloney together in the big pen yesterday. Pony is pretty much a jerk and Tanka is pretty passive. Tanka did kick Pony a few times and there were some good galloping runs from the two of them.
My biggest problem was when I went to get Tanka out and Pony was crowding us. Tanka kind of ran into me worrying about Pony being behind him. I guess I'll make sure I get Pony out first next time.
I've been working with Pony and we are making slow progress. I'd like to get him settled down enough to rehome him. He isn't going to be a good cart horse and I think he would be fine as a companion to another horse, if he was decent about being tied and getting groomed.

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