Wednesday, December 21, 2016


 Little Wiseguy and Pony Baloney.

 Obie, Taffy, Brownie and Rosie the goats with Cash the Rat Terrier.

My handsome new horse, Tanka.

Can you tell how furry the critters are in these photos?

They are tucking into dinner as the place goes dark before 5pm.  I am so glad the days will start getting longer starting tomorrow!

Everyone is a furball except little Cash the Rat Terrier:) I am so glad the days will be getting longer starting tomorrow. Here it is not even 5:00pm and it is getting dark.
Small training sessions are all I can manage right now because it is cold. I have been working with Tanka on the way to and from his pen to the round pen where he can hang out and eat hay and watch the cars go by. We do a little backing, fore and aft [move front, move back end] , played a bit with the ball and walking nicely on the lead.
I did find out he is nervous about having someone follow us when he is leading so something new to work at. I also have been popping up onto the rail from different angles so that he is getting used to the fact that I grow taller. He is much less afraid than the first couple of days and is starting to think it is normal.

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