Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I got home today at 1:30 and decided no time like the present to play with Tanka.
Yes, I got out the pool noodles. He is getting over his fear of moving pool noodles by touching them with his nose, getting stroked by them all over his body and by me moving them low to the ground.
Tanka did pretty good.
We also played with the big ball. I pushed it, he walked over and touched it with his nose. Repeat. Then, I told him kick it and had him walk into it. Repeated that several times.
I also called him over to me without a lead rope. So sweet. We did horsey hugs, walked around the back two acres, rustled the dead branch pile.
I had a magazine out there so I showed him the magazine and then ruffled the papers over his back and sides. Of course, he touched it with his nose.
I showed him various objects like the cones, magazine, ball, pool noodle and then tossed them kind of back and beside him. He did fine. Desensitized with each item after tossing it.
He was looking outside the round pen but I directed his attention back to me, gently. I like to tell him "Pay attention." and before I throw stuff I say "Are you watching?"
I love that horse.

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