Friday, December 23, 2016

The smile on my face

Look at the smile on my face.
When I got there, I didn't see any cars so I tied Tanka up to a tree and headed to the door with my note. Tanka was good about standing tied. Something I hadn't tried before.
The trainer popped out the front door and asked if I would like to stay for a bit and work with Tanka on the obstacles.
Tanka was amazing. Going over logs including a telephone pole, walking a narrow curving path lined with bricks and rocks, going through the ditch, backing uphill.
He stepped into the large tire with his front feet. He stepped his front feet out the other side and his back feet were behind the tire. Then I ask him "How are you going to get out of this pickle?" He stepped his hind feet around the tire and gathered himself up.
We did leading into a V of poles set on top of barrels and then backed out several times.
We did the small tire swirl trail and he looked into the center of each and every tire. So funny. He also went over the tires by stepping through them.
Tanka was fascinated by the large 4' across overturned tub. He sniffed that from every angle.
There was a white tub with a couple of items in it and he checked that out thoroughly. I took out a pool noodle and then put it back in. So, Tanka had to check out the stuff in the white barrel again:)
He went underneath a tall tripod of poles from several angles. He doesn't like anything above him so I though he did well.
I showed Tanka the loading ramp that led to the water obstacle. He sniffed it and then volunteered to walk the ramp. Along the ramp and into the water pit [which was dry] with no problems and then out the pit by going over a log. We did that one twice.
He went in and out of several different gates of various materials and leading in and out of several types of fencing.
We saw chickens loose and running around. Didn't seem to bother him.
The trainer brought her horse Brownie out and tied him up on the rail. Tanka was well behaved near Brownie the trainer's horse.
The trainer's other horse is a mare and a paint. It was so funny. She was peeking to watch the action when we were near the barn. When the trainer came back from the tack shed, the mare hid from the trainer and then when the trainer had walked by, up popped the mare's head again to take another look at Tanka. Made me laugh. Didn't want to get caught flirting with the new guy:)
You never know what will worry a horse. Tanka was afraid of the small front yard with the cinder blocks and the porch...go figure. He did successfully go in and out of the gate and the yard area.
Tanka has a lot of curiosity which the trainer says is a great trait for a trail horse.

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