Monday, December 12, 2016

Didn't want to but I did it anyway

Did I want to get anything done today? Kind of didn't but...I got off my behind, took Tanka out to the round pen and did some little things with him.
I had chores like burning the brush in the new big pen and cleaning the horse pens and some housework.
I went back out later and worked a bit more with Tanka. The wind came up a bit but I went down the driveway and back with him. I didn't take him out to the road since the wind was coming up but I will take him out there tomorrow.
Pony Baloney made some real progress. Very exciting. The last desensitizing session felt like a disaster but this time, it went well. I took a towel out with me to the round pen. I hung the towel on the fence and then had Pony walk/trot around the pen. He tried stopping and turning when I didn't ask him to so I made sure corrected him.
I clipped his lead on and then I got the towel and showed it to him. When he reached for it with his nose, I took it away. Eventually I rubbed it down his neck onto his back. Did both sides. Then, fluffed the towel onto him from various sides and angles, making sure when I saw small changes that I stopped and took the towel away. I also let him move his feet. Eventually I had the towel on his back and walking around with me leading him.
I also took Pony down the scary driveway. He did pretty good. Eventually, Pony is going to be a good horse. I just know it.

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