Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Garden

Yeah, "Today is a permissable burn day.  You may burn daily from sunrise until 2pm."  The recording is in my favor!

First things first.  I need to finish my cup of coffee.  Then, out come the matches.

Two hours later and seven piles of brush are ashes! Yeah!!!  It doesn't seem like much but I didn't want those piles of brush blowing around all summer long while I work on the new side of the veggie  garden.

A bit of a break, maybe another cup of coffee and then off to transplant the spring garden stuff.

Watered street side overnight last night.

Just checked the greenhouse and already 62 degrees.  I am sure it stayed above 50.

Oh, and I need to get the baby pumpkins into bigger pots.  I started them in peat pots but now I realize those are such tiny peat pots that isn't going to work so... live and learn.

Got the pumpkins transplanted.  Got some of the spring garden transplanted.  I am taking the daffodils from the front and putting them into a bed with the newly transplanted forsythia.

Hubby stretched the wire for the back fence today!!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!  We still have to do the other half of the property but cross fencing is getting there.  Hubby also has to install a gate across the driveway into the back area and the goats will be officially contained.

Successfully grazed goats morning and evening.  The dogs are a big help with keeping them in line.

Watering East zone over night.  Watered front 3 hours, back 2 hours and North windbreak 2 hours.

Beautiful day though it did get a bit windy by 10am.  Luckily I got out there and got the brush burned early.

Ordered irrigation supplies today.  Busy day but a lot got done that needed doing.

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