Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Living a good hour away from the major shopping means that yesterday was spent going to town.  Lowes to return the battery powered hedge trimmer that only lasted four days.  We  shopped for other alternatives and left our options open.

Then, lunch at Ming's.  You get a large plate of really tasty food and a drink and it is sit down dining and the cost for 2 people is about $20.  Yes, it is extravagant but what the heck, no dishes and no cooking later.  Snacks for dinner.  

Starbucks where Hubby has a discount and a free pound of coffee.

On to Costco where we spent too much money.  That is sort of normal.  I would like to think we can run the household on less than what we can run the household on:)  Finally, Walmart and done.  An hour  and fifteen minutes later and we are unloading and putting away groceries. We left at 11am and weren't done until 4:30pm.  I think I miss living in the city when it comes to shopping.  That is probably the only time.

It Monday night and we woke up to a nice wet world again this morning.  This is pretty unusual and makes me wonder what kind of a summer we might be having.  Oh well, I have dedicated this summer to straightening out the last few major projectsI want to get done around here.  Next spring I want to spen hours sitting in the shade reading a book!  We'll see.

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