Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Garden

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't write a word!

Yesterday's stats

Morning temps

28degrees breezeway
41 degrees greenhouse

46 degrees this morning greenhouse
29 breezeway  a cold morning.

Plenty of baby plants coming up in the flats.  Moved most of them to the greenhouse!

Grazed goats with Penny's help.  Got the fencing 2/3 way around worth windbreak.  Arranged to get manure today at 11:30 [only  a gardener can be excited about that!]  Transplanted and got on drip about 10 small trees. Also managed to get cages around those little trees so the goats don't take a nip out of them.  They have managed to nibble to death about 3 pine trees which they seem to have taken a liking to.  When you are only a foot tall a little nibbling doeas a lot of  damage! Did a bit of weeding in the veggie garden. Yep, it was  a very busy day.

By the way, the Royal Wedding was spectacular.  Love the horses and carriages.  Lots of Father, Son and Holy Ghosting in the ceremony which I don't think an educated young couple like Catherine and William are going to take too seriously.

Time to get moving.

Weeding and clearing brush were the name of the game today.  Truck wouldn't start.  Battery totally dead.    No manure.  Couldn't find spare keys that worked so I don't know if the trickle charging the battery worked.

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