Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Faucet

Okay, it is 9am and we still haven't gotten the bathroom faucet fixed.

It rained last night and it really soaked in.  It is a chilly 40 degrees out.  I am not opening the greenhouse, that is for sure.  No need to water anything today.  That will help make up for the water dribbling down the tub drain!

Naturally, once we opened up the wall after moving two cabinets from the guest room, Hubby decided the other faucet choice at the hardware store would work better than the one we chose yesterday.  So, 25 miles back to the store and 25 miles back to the house with the new parts.  We returned $73 worth of faucet and plumbing stuff and bought a $62 faucet and still the bill came to $99.  $26 extra dollars.  How do we do it?

 Of course, we figured out we needed a new toilet flush assembly and I had Hubby buy it while we were there. I always stand in the electrical or plumbing department gazing at all the bins of stuff getting cranky and buying the wrong item after thinking really hard for 20 minutes so having Hubby with me was a bonus.  Hubby had to have a back up bag of hickory chips for the BBQ.

We needed a new shower curtain liner as the old one was grungy.  Sure, you can try to wash those in cold water and hang them out to dry.  They generally don't clean up very well.  It is only $3 for a brand new shower curtain liner.  I got 2 so that I can change this one out in 6 months when it gets grungy.  All in all it added up to the extra $26 dollars we spent:)

We got our parts home and within no time Hubby had the new faucet on.  There was a replacement shower head as well.  A nice shiny bonus for our work.  We still have to reinstall the plaster board in the guest room.  I'll have to tape and mud.  There is no matching paint but the good news is the cabinets totally hide the hole.

Rainy and cold all day!  So, not doing much but relaxing.

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