Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Garden

Definitely a bit below freezing in the garden.  I watered overnight and had a bit of ice building up on the ground and fence line.  Oh well, the plants seem to be taking it well.

Morning stats.
Greenhouse 46 degrees
Breezeway  31 degrees

I hope the greenhouse will start staying over 50 degrees as the tomato plants probably don't appreciate the chill. Maybe I will bring them in tonight and take them out again tomorrow morning.

Pulling weeds in the veggie garden this morning.  The goats ate well.  Time to get started on the rest of my list.

Looks like it will be up to 30 MPH winds later today.  Hoping it will calm down so I can burn brush piles this week.  It is all over on the burning May 22 so time is starting to run out.  Darn wind has really been hampering burn season this year.

A successful day all the way around.  DMV was in and out.  They were calling our number before we even filled out the form.  Sonic burgers for dinner in town.  What a treat!  Haven't done that in months.

The dogs are becoming quite good at herding the goats.  Of course it helps that Hubby is home to assist in training.  Much easier with two people.

Ready to stretch fence wire tomorrow.  Yoohoo!  That means we are so close to finishing that cross fencing.  Next year the goats can eat on their own without me corralling them into the North field.

Got the Donkey Tails planted under the fruit trees plus got the built up sand smoothed away from the trees and got the drippers sitting nicely for watering.  Steadily weeding the veggie garden.  Also, got a bit of brush cut back and piled up for burning [hopefully tomorrow.]

Time to relax as the sun fades away.

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