Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End of the World

According to Harold Camping today is the end of the world.  I guess hope springs eternal in the heart of all gardeners since I was out transplanting bulbs under the sand cherries by the street.  They are going to look so pretty next spring!

Does it seem like the apocalyptic end of the world is a theme running through America right now.  Getting a little tiresome what with the asteroid, comet, tsunami, earthquake, super volcano that will be ending us all soon.

The split pea soup is in the crock pot.  Speaking of crocks, it should be ready at precisely 6pm.  Throw in a few hot biscuits and we are ready for the show.  I don't think too many people will be raptured from our town though a few a the fundies are quite certain that if a rapture were to occur, they would be in it.

I wonder what kind of dessert goes best with the end of the world?

Maybe Cherries Flambe?  Or Baked Alaska?

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