Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mosquitoes and Goats

The mosquitoes are out in full force this morning and not a lick of wind to blow them away.  The goats and I went out to graze.  The goats were shaking and twitching, dancing, scratching, jumping and running to get away from those horrible creatures.  I kept my coat tight around me and vowed not to go out again without bug spray. Finally, Taffy the cutest goat ever, decided he had enough and took off for the pen.  No amount of oats can rattling was getting him back.  I trailed Taffy quickly so that he wouldn't pause to eat on the Sea Berry shrub and Obie got worried and ran to catch up and then Spot got really, really worried and triple timed it to get back into the herd. The goats are very cute and very fun!

Eight am and time to go out and check the greenhouse.  I will have to keep an eye on it today.  It is cloudy so I don't want to open it up and lose the heat but if it starts overheating I need to open it up some.  No heater.  I am relying on the greenhouse to stay warm enough overnight to support the baby plants.  During the day it can get very hot in there.  One sunny day during winter it was 100 degrees.  Not kidding.

Bug spray and then need to get the onions into the veggie garden followed closely by moving the last of the daffodils from the front garden to the back yard.  I put them in the new spring garden by the dog kennel and I did a circle around the two crab apples and the golden locust.  It looks like my will is alive so I think I will put the last few daffodil around that.

Two pair of quail are out here eating.

Yesterday I cleaned the 50 gallon pond out.  The cutest little hummingbird sat on the new wire fence watching me toil.  He [nice bright bib so I am going to say he] was so tiny and adorable.  He was within 10 feet of me and I could clearly see his bright front spot and his tiny straight beak and the band across his teensey little chest.

An oriole came in yesterday but she hasn't stuck around.  Maybe I'll see her again today.  The brightest colored bird in our yard every year.

9:22am  I only lasted long enough to fertilize the greenhouse plants and plant the white onions.  The mosquitoes are soooo bad they sere maddening and, yes, I did use DEET.   The winds are supposed to come up by 2pm to 15 to 20 MPH.  Gusts to 35.  I can't believe I am longing for wind but those skeeters are just too much!  I am seeing the tiniest breeze.  If the wind comes up a bit I will go out and work some more.

Got red onions planted.  Got front fertilized and watered.  Got back fertilized and watered.

Watering East Side drip, fertilize too.  Overnight.

Weeded fifty feet of  garden edge walkway.  Looks like foxtails and I don't want that to get established in the yard.  Weeded 2 bins of weeds from garden.  Fed to goats.

Grazed goats from 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

Hubby working days so I had to quit and cook chinese for dinner.  Dishes needed doing so now I have to still so the evening dishes.  Also, finally getting to the bathroom for a good scrubbing.  Boy am I behind!

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