Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barn Door Shutter

Well, today was the big day.  We placed the wheels into the track and they rolled so smoothly.  Yipee!  The barn door shutter is working as planned.  Can't wait to see how it holds up.  I am buying the long piece for the next shutter shortly.  It will be about 2 feet longer and a foot or so wider.  Yep, that is about 6 feet by 6 feet.  It is going to be fabulous.

Bailed out the pond for an hour.  Then, got the pond pump working.  Then decided that the arrangement wasn't right so I took out all the rocks.  Some big rocks.  Put a milk crate in there for the pump to sit on.  Put back all the rocks.  Now I am worried the pump doesn't sit low enough and might go dry.  I'll have to see how fast the pond losing 4 inches of water.  The set up is very artistic with a fabulous flat rock in front of the fountain.  The water comes up like a geyser about 4 inches and then cascades over the rock into the rock filled basin.  We call it the pond but really it is just a fifty gallon cheap plastic pool for a small pond.  It is great though since it draws in the birds and the big dog  and his friends love it.

I am working on a few minor points of irrigation today and then I am hopefully done!  Oh, and I do need to figure out where I put the Wall o' water for the tomatoes.  No idea, so far.  Darn.  This could turn into quite the search.  Can't wait until I finish the long shed.  I need the storage.

Wow.  The wind came up suddenly about 11:30 or noon and it was wildly strong.  Picking up sand and sand blasting your face strong.  I got the bobblers and sprinklers set that I needed to get done anyway.  Yeah, I'm a stud!

The barn door shutter did really well until the wind reached 35 or 40 mph.  I wedged a two by four onto the bottom to keep it from swinging out.  Hubby is going to make some wheels for it to hold the bottom in place.  For now, the two by four is working!

Hubby asked if I want to go out of town this weekend since he suddenly has four day off in a row.  Sure thing!  Can't take the little dog though since it is California and they don't like having dogs anywhere.  Have to see if the neighbor is available to babysit.

Watering fruit tree zone overnight.

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