Sunday, May 22, 2011

High Noon

Well, it's high noon at the whole homestead and the work ethic and I are staring each other down right now.  I have gotten 2 sprinklers up and running, the goats and the dogs fed, some weeding done, about 200 feet or so of mainline drip irrigation tubing stretched out ready for the next step [that is for the hedge going around the veggie garden] and landscape cloth laid out on the right side of the front of the house.

The landscape cloth is a great idea long term but it  is taking a lot of time and effort today.  I had to shovel out a bunch of sand that had blown in since I don't want to have the dirt build up onto the house siding.  I had to remove quite a few plants as well.  And then I had to cut the landscape cloth, put it in place and make cutouts for the junipers and the knock out roses.  There's a tallhedge and a Feather Reed grass as well.
So, my work ethic and I are having a stare down I hope the weather helps decide who wins - lunch and a nap or going out to get more done right now.

 So, all my plants are laying out there in the sun and I am tired and hoping the clouds will thicken up so I can leave them out there for a little while.  I need a break.  One last thing before lunch and a nap.  I need to check the greenhouse.  Baby plants don't appreciate being short on water.

Update:  It is a good thing I checked on those baby plants.  They definitely needed to be watered.  I got the VF11 on them, as well.  The clouds are coming over and my chili is thawing in the microwave and I will get back to work in 3 or 4 hours.  Break time!

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