Thursday, May 26, 2011

Beautiful Day

The day has started off beautifully.  There is always plenty to do around here but I need to rest up a little.  I'll see what I can get done.  Have to go to town later and not looking forward to it.  I think I will try to make it a quick trip.

Update:  Take it easy?  Guess that didn't happen.  Let's see, transplanted nine pumpkins, 4 tomatoes, 11 pepper plants [I'm growing the hot cayenne peppers again this year], 15 Basil plants [Patio and Large leaf].  Weeded a bit this morning as well.  We ate lunch and then we had to run.  Kragen's to recycle the motor oil, Starbucks for coffee, banking, then drive in to town for groceries and cigs.  Yeah, I left at 1pm and didn't get home until 5pm. Get the groceries in and the cold stuff in the fridge and the freeze me stuff into the big freezer.  Then, run out to close up the greenhouse, feed the goats, refill the hummingbird feeder and feed the dogs.  No, really, I am resting up tonight!  Except for all the groceries I have to put away and divide up for camping and the dishes that are waiting to go into the dishwasher. And, I still need to organize for tomorrow's cleaning job.  Whew.  Can't wait for the holiday weekend.

Hubby planted watermelons, eel river melons and something else.  Need to ask him what that was.

Watering street side zone

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