Friday, May 6, 2011


I am awake far too early today.  The faintest light in the East becomes a gray light that just illuminates the trees and shrubs out back.  The goats are sleeping in their goat hut still.  Waiting for the sun to blaze up over the horizon.

Sunrises are often beautiful here.  Distant clouds over far mountains are illuminated by the sun from below and reflect soft oranges and pinks.  The unlit cloud tops are a subtle gray, turning to white as the sun brightens.  The colors spread along the horizon and then you can see the blazing light of the sun pinpointed on the bottom of a cloud.  An intense orange spot where the sun will first peek over the dry, brown mountains.

The sky slowly takes on a soft blue hue and the day is ready for the business of spring to continue.  It is fortunate that spring comes only once a year.  It is such a busy time of the year.  Once the heat of the summer comes on there is time to stop and sit but, for now, we must get all we can done.  There is the vegetable garden to prep and brush and dried up tumbleweeds to burn.  There are projects to be completed that help cool the house.  This year we are redoing the shutters.  I am very hopeful we will finally get a cover over the patio to shade the north sliding glass doors.  There is the misting system that cools the south side of the house and a bit of the north side as well.

Today, I clean a house and graze the goats and worry about all the rest tomorrow.

Greenhouse 50 degrees this morning.  That will keep the tomato plants happy.

Need to close up the greenhouse as the sun is getting low and the air is starting to cool down a bit.  83 degrees today.

Grazed the goats this evening.  They are doing a good job but there is an awful lot left to eat out there!

A bit windy this afternoon but at least it keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

Did I mention that I got the yellow onions planted on Wednesday.  About 40 feet in a double row.  Still need to get out there and put in the white and purple onions.

Asparagus isn't coming up very well.  I put leaves on it last winter hoping for better results but so far not looking too good.  Nice that it is waiting until after the freezing temps.  Maybe it will come on later.

Got the irrigation parts and set up the NOrth windbreak drip system with its filter, pressure regulator and spliced in a set of connectors for the fertilizer.  Watering and fertilizing overnight tonight.

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