Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hubby had to go to work early today so I helped get him out the door and then I went back to bed. I finally wake up a bit late.  So, it is 7am and I walk by the window and what do I see?  The sky is cloudy and the ground is wet!  It has rained!!!  And it is still drizzling just a bit.

Rain around here rarely makes much of a difference but I might not have to water the veggie garden today and it will certainly make pulling weeds easier for a day or two.  Who knows?  We might even get a bit more rain today and tomorrow, if we get lucky.

A nice cup of coffee, a few comments on the internet, a bowl of cereal and then we will see if the goats can be talked into eating some weeds despite the weather.

Geez, should have put on a sweatshirt along with my flannel jeans and a ski jacket.  Really chilly with the wind howling out there.  The sun is sort of out now.

I took the battery powered hedge trimmer out and started working on cutting back the needle-and-thread grass.   That stuff was a mess last year.  I may not be able to get it all but I can try!  I need a gas poered hedge trimmer or a big weed whacker or something to mow down this much stuff.  I think I will drag Hubby to the power yard tool department tomorrow while we are in Carson City.

We are taking Mom out to lunch for Mother's Day.  It will be lovely to see Mom and Dad plus we can do a little shopping.

I didn't dare open the greenhouse this morning to see how warm, or should I say how cold?, it was but I did open it up a bit around 10am.  Right now 5pm it is a nice 72 degrees in there.  I closed it up for the night.  Let's hope all the little plants stay happy.  Gave them just a bit of VF11 fertilizer yesterday.  I need them to come on pretty fast this year as I got a bit behind.

Too tired to get much done.  I took a chair out to the North where I am grazing the goats and sat and enjoyed watching the clouds try to rain on the hills nearby.  The goats got a bit over an hour of eating and look quite content now that they are back in their pen.  I got them some new straw in their goat hut today but haven't the oomph to actually clean the goat pen.

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