Thursday, October 13, 2011


I drove back into town today since we are on a mission to get this living room/dining room/hallway done.  I got the mortar we needed.  Mapei II  in grey color.  They fortunately had a small bag.  The other Mapei product was said to be a somewhat better choice but it only came in giant 50 pound bags.  Aaarrgghh, no way am I wanting to have a huge amount like that sitting in the long shed for years.  The smaller bag and the fact that we used Mapei II in the kitchen and the kitchen has turned out fine pushed me to the Mapei II.

I got a gorgeous Hampton Bay Florentina hanging chandelier with 5 light amber colored glass globes that point upward and a wheaten finish with hints of black for $50.  It is a bit grand but I think it will look fantastic.  I only hope Hubby agrees since I already took it out of the box:)  I looked it up and that light fixture was going for $250.  Wow, such a deal!!!  I have been searching for the right dining room lighting fixture for quite some time.

I got curtain rods in black,  1" for the tab curtains.  The finials are an old-fashioned door knob shape and they are white with black accents.  I like them and they were half the price of all the other ones I didn't like so much.  Again, hope Hubby likes them as well.  I guess I will find out pretty soon.  He'll be home in an hour and a half.

Yes, I was gone for 5 hours doing shopping.  Hope I am done!

Darn it.  I didn't think of it when I was at the store earlier today but the other light that goes with the chandelier would be great for the hallway where I have the fairly ugly "flying saucer" light fixture.  While I could live with it, it certainly would be nice to replace it at these prices.  The other light was a pendant but smaller and flatter than the chandelier I bought today.

Hubby thought the chandelier I bought was fine.  He liked the one I took a picture of better [I liked that one too] but thought at less than half the cost and no special bulbs needed [unlike the other light fixture I took a picture of]  he could live with this one.

Hubby really like the curtain rods so that was great!!!!

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