Friday, October 14, 2011

Make Over

Well, the living/dining room/hallway make over saga continues.  Having gotten a fantastic chandelier for the dining room, I decided that the hallway light was not up to snuff so back to Carson City after cleaning a house today.  I got a two pack of bronze looking flush mount lights for only $14.95.

The current hallway light has a flying saucer look to it.  The new light has a much more elegant look.  The light fixtures only hold one bulb instead of the current 2 but I figure its a hallway and a short hallway at that.  I'll put a nice bright florescent bulb in.

I also got a lovely fan by Hampton Bay for $79.  It is oiled bronze and has a tea stain glass globe under mount.  Our current fan is brass and really doesn't have the nice look for our new stove, slate hearth, Florentina chandelier and black curtain rods with white antique door knob finials.  This new fan will fit in nicely.

The fan in the bedroom is atrocious.  It goes wop! wop! wop!  Every time we turn it on we say "Saigon, 1972".    That fan can be taken down.  The one from the living room can be transferred into the bedroom.  The new fan will go in the  hole created by moving fans:)

Well, I got to thinking.  Why get a new fan for the bedroom when it is the living room getting the make over?  We don't care what fan is in the bedroom as long as it doesn't go wop, wop, wop!

Guess I better get to scrubbing the last of the ceiling since scrubbing and painting is my department and needs to get done. this weekend.  We need to mortar the hearth by Sunday so we can grout by Monday so we can pick the stove up and install it next Tuesday and Wednesday.  Doing it ourselves is keeping this whole thing cost effective but boy is it a lot of work:)

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