Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make over

Hubby has a few days off and we have gotten a lot done.  Loosely using the term we.

The new chandelier looks fabulous.  Hubby got it up today.

The slate tile got laid yesterday and we grouted it today.  Hubby did all the heavy lifting and I did the actual grouting and cleaning up excess mortar while Hubby kept the clean buckets of water coming.  That saved me a lot of back breaking effort.  A good thing since I didn't have it in me.

We managed to get some of the stuff put away and now we can walk through the office again.

I have a cleaning job tomorrow and am resting up so that I can get my arms to do that much work.  Arghhh.  It is hard not to have the ability to keep going and going but darn it at least I am still going.

I hope I manage to paint Sunday and Monday so that we can wrap this job up for the most part on next Tuesday and Wednesday.

It's been a lot of work but I am so pleased that after living here for 6 years we finally got to the last room of the house to be painted.  The wood stove will be toasty and save us money.  Plus, we will not freeze if the power goes out for several days.

Tomorrow, Hubby is meeting up with me after my cleaning job and we are going to see about cutting wood for the new stove.  He has already said he will do most of the work tomorrow since I am pretty much done in.

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