Monday, October 24, 2011


The end of the season is definitely here.  I pulled the last of the veggie garden irrigation tubing today.  I picked the last green tomatoes.  I cut the tomato vines down, chopped into smaller pieces and put them on the compost pile.

I moved some more dirt away from the greenhouse since I know Hubby is impatient and will not wait to split wood until I have more dirt moved.  We are going to split wood where the road base for the little driveway up the little hill to the hay shed ends.  That will help keep the sand from moving through there.  But I need to get the sand lowered first or we'll never keep the doorway cleared for me to use the greenhouse.

I started cutting rice grass for the goats.  It will take all winter to get most of it cut back.  But we do have the best rice grass in the area so it will be worth it.  Maybe I'll get the goats out into the North 2 acres and let them have at it.  That would save me a lot of work but cost me a lot of time.  We shall see.

I have been working on the compost pile, trying to get it turned.  Looks like I am having a lot of success in making compost since I have been sprinkling it on a regular basis.  Fun!

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