Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I finally found the paint color I want to paint the living room, dining room and hallway.  The area really needs to be all one color.  I reviewed paint brands on line and they started to all sound pretty good of the brands I can get in my area.  I found the perfect color, Pale Honey, in the Behr brand.

I got one of those paint samples for $3.  It actually had a lot in it.  I placed it around the two rooms, behind some of the furniture and in the hallway to see if it really was what I wanted in here.  It is.  Hubby voted yes as well when he got home from work.

 I tried the Behr brand by buying the ceiling paint.  I went with Honeymilk which I had color matched from the Valspar I used on the kitchen cabinets.  I also got flat matte finish.  I washed with TSP and then a few hours later I painted the first half of the ceiling.  The difference is a bit subtle since the ceiling was shiny white before and now it is matte white but I do think it was an improvement.

The ceiling was looking a bit dirty as well so I think it was worth it.

I filled all the holes from the mirror and paintings we took down.  I also took out all the sky hooks from the ceiling and I filled those today.  I patched a couple of cracks.  I am hoping to have enough prepping and  wall washing done to paint the wall the stove is going on before we bring it in.

I got one set of curtains down and one set to go.  I patched those holes too since I am getting curtain rods that go with our tab top curtains.  I was still using the draw string curtain rods that went with the old curtains.  Not anymore.  I have been wanting to change those up for a long time.

While in town tomorrow I am hoping to finally find a dining room light that looks good, isn't too expensive [okay, I need a great price] and doesn't look like it will get to swinging in the wind too badly.  Yes, even though we have been to town 4 days in a row [Sat-Tues] I need to get some tar, the five gallons of gold paint and a couple of other little things.

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