Monday, October 17, 2011

Cheese and Whine

Can I have a little cheese with my whine?  Yesterday I was definitely whiny and sore.  This morning I am sore and tired but making a plan to get through the day.  I'll mostly do the laundry and rest up:)

So, what did I do today?  I fed the goats and the dogs.  I watered a bit using a sprinkler to do all the work.  I moved a couple of items around into the dining room and living room.  I got the laundry done.

I took a nap, twice:)  I sat on my butt and gazed at the new color on the walls and the new chachkies arrangement on the cookbook sideboard or buffet.  I put the two corn plants in the corners by the sliding door on top of the rectangular wicker baskets with flip up lids.  I hide the extra blankets in those.  I think it makes a great statement.

The color [Behr Pale Honey] is stunning.  It really is the color I wanted.  Golden and yet not too dark.  It definitely is not beige.  Ack.  I want some color but it still fits into the earth tones, I think.  I placed the antique chest of drawers with the unique old time radio looking top piece on the wall by the window.  I think it looks good there.  The gold color on the walls certainly accentuates its good looks.

The walnut dresser from the forties is going where the antique piece used to be, near the front door.  I think it will look good there and there is room to hang the mirror.  We can have a basket for keys and such on it.  And you will be able to set items down to open and close the door on your way in and out.

The dog leashes need to find a new home.  We rarely use them anyway.  We'll see what we do about that.

The couch is leaving tomorrow afternoon.  I found it a good home.

I am hurting all over but taking a day off will hopefully help and I will feel better by tomorrow.  We'll see.

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