Friday, October 14, 2011

Notable Quotable

"Supposedly we are slaves to sin from the time we are born. It is only in Christ that we gain freedom and truly live."

"It is reported that the most powerful drugs manufacturer in the Universe has, because it can, infected every member of the human race with a virus which will cause them not to die, but to exist forever in interminable pain.
In a later announcement, the company has declared that it has created a cure, which is invisible, freely available to all, but require membership of a repressive cult which, alone, has been granted the rights to dispense the cure. Although the cure is free, membership of the cult is both mandatory AND expensive, and the cult may declare the cure to be withdrawn and inactive at any time. Any member of the cult who is foolish enough to leave, is deemed never to have received the cure in the first instance, meaning that the company is absolved of all responsibility for the member's eventual and unavoidable agony.
In breaking news, governments worldwide are in tacit agreement that their various legislative measures relating to trading standards and corporate behaviour do not have jurisdiction over the company."


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