Friday, October 21, 2011

Cutting wood

Hubby picked me up to go cut wood across the river yesterday afternoon.  Turns out he already got some cedar wood in the morning.  Then he  took me out to get pinyon pine at an old mining town.  Not much town left but there are plenty of resinous dead pinyons to cut down.  Turns out that although the road is a bit rocky at the start, we can get a trailer up there, no problem, the next time we go.  That would make for a very long day but we could get an entire cord of wood all at once.

It was so lovely up there in the hills.  Trees all around and birds flitting everywhere.  Peaceful and sunny.  I had a nice time.

Honestly, I didn't help that much on the wood gathering.  This whole make over - the painting, the shopping, the tile work - has kind of taken it out of me.  I desperately need an entire day off.  Today, however, I had to clean another house.  So, tomorrow I will rest up except for cleaning out the goat pen a bit.

The slate tile looks so good on the hearth we picked up another 5 boxes so we could do the entry way by the front door.  We had to buy another small bag of mortar but there is plenty of grout left from the hearth job so this will be an inexpensive way to pretty up that area.  Right now it is green vinyl.  Kind of goes with the green carpet.  Yeah, I'd get rid of the carpet but I really don't have it in the budget.  Maybe in a couple of more years.

Did I mention that Hubby got my pretty new chandelier up.  He knows how to do everything:)  It looks so pretty and the old one was so freakin' ugly.  What  a pleasant change.  We took six years to get around to painting the living room/dining room/hall and fixing it up a bit.  I am so pleased we are getting that opportunity now.

Of course, we have been kind of busy since we moved in.

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