Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Freezing Temps and Fire

Tonight is the first night for freezing temps this year.  I have all the irrigation and hoses off the faucets as a precaution.  Once the hose bibs freeze your dead toast.  They only freeze if you don't take the time to unhook the hoses.

Fortunately, we got the new wood stove up and running today.  It is a Kuma Wood Classic and it is wonderful.  We built our first small fire to cure the paint and sat by it for an hour.    Hubby is getting all the credit for this one.

Hubby cut a hole in the ceiling, got all the roof flashing on and the support box in.  He got the triple wall pipe in.  Then, he got the stove centered and the double wall interior pipe on the stove.  Really, an all day event.  Although we did take an hour or so off in the early afternoon.  Hubby can do anything and I am very proud of him.

I, on the other hand, have reached the point of exhaustion.  Tomorrow is an absolute day of rest.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is getting done.  I really over did it.

Yeah, I have a lot left to do and I will still have a lot left to do on  Friday but until then I am resting up tomorrow and cleaning a house on Thursday and that is it!

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