Saturday, October 22, 2011


I did it.  I got the goat pen cleaned out, the straw in the goat hut cleaned out, the water trough scrubbed and filled with fresh clear beautiful clean water and new straw in the goat hut.  I am so proud of myself.  I am dog tired but it had to get done.  Those animals are counting on me.

I got a call for a new cleaning job.  I have to be there tomorrow at nine since their cleaning lady they hired didn't show up today.  Then, they will want every other week.  Let's see if they balk at my price.  I am not driving 45 minutes each way, bringing my own supplies and cleaning a 2 bath, 4 bedroom house with four people living in it for less than the usual $75 every other week.

Rested up and then got four plants into the ground.  Two rosemary.  Several people have told me they will make it through the winter here.  I put them up front in the warm part of the garden.  One Pineapple sage - I don't have a clue if it will live here but I put it in.  I love the flowers on sage plants.  This one has brilliant red flowers in a delicately shaped oblique tube with a fringe on the outside edge.  One German thyme - I know that one will grow here since I already have some.  Put it in on the south patio where it will fit in nicely with all the other heat loving plants.

Of course, I fed the goats and the dogs.  Loaded up for tomorrow's cleaning job.  Now, it is time to make sure I keep resting up.  I must do a good job tomorrow.

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