Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home Again!

We have been home since last Thursday.  We got the truck and trailer unloaded and all the clothes washed up.

Somehow we got the idea on Friday that we should look into a wood stove.  We researched, realized the new stoves are very efficient and headed into town on Saturday to look at stoves in person.  We came home and did some more research.

Sunday we went back to the store we thought had the two best stoves and spent several hours making up our minds.  A mid-size Lennox or a mid-size Kuma.  We finally decided on the Kuma Wood Classic.  We put down our deposit and made arrangements to pick up the stove on Tuesday next week. We went to the two big box stores in town to look at hearth materials. Came home and did more research on what we would need to do a hearth.  We also got the entire living room cleared of furniture.

Monday it was back to town to get a wood cutting permit, some chainsaw parts and measure the new stove for the air inlet and buy our choice of hearth materials.  Unfortunately, it was Columbus day so we couldn't get the wood cutting permit and the wood stove store was closed, as well.  We did purchase our concrete backer board, slate tiles, mortar, grout and air intake parts.

Back to town on Tuesday since we couldn't get everything done in town on Monday.  We measured the stove, double checked that we had the right stovepipe list and had heart failure over the price of stove pipe a second time.  We had lunch in town.  Yes, it was decadent but after all, we are still on vacation:) We hit Costco and we were finally home again.  After taking a break, we got the hearth started.

Hubby did a bunch of measuring and double checking.  He cut a hole in the floor and then he cut a matching hole in each of the concrete backer board layers.  We dry fitted and the holes lined up perfectly.  We put down some Thinset, screwed down the first layer of backer board, some more Thinset and the second layer of backer board was screwed into the floor.

We spent hours and hours driving and shopping these last several days and it has been pretty exhausting.  Hubby is back to work but he is putting in 6 - ten hour days in a row.  So, I am sort of on my own for the next week.  Did I mention that I have decided now is the time to finally paint the living room?  Most of the furniture is out so I through that into the mix.  Today, if I can manage it, I am washing the ceiling with TSP so I can paint it Honeymilk white.  More on painting in another post, I think.

Right now it is time to get moving.  There is a paint sample to put on the wall.  It is called Pale Honey.  It is a gold color but hopefully not too dark.  Then I have some goats and dogs to feed.  And the day is rolling forwards from there.

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