Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pole Fire and Tucker Training

Team Tucker
I didn't get to work with Tucker last night due to a small explosion and fire at the pole yesterday evening. Fortunately the neighbor put out the fire and the power company showed up and fixed it pretty quickly. I need to file a claim with the power company to fix the melted conduit that holds the wire going to the well but the well is working!
Today I separated out the horses with Pony in the round pen, Wiseguy in his home pen and Tucker in the big arena pen.
I got Tucker out and did a bit of ground work on my way to the big pen. Once there, we did some little things. Asking to turn only the fore, only the hind. stand when I pick up the lead, follow behind me and then stop when I stop. Asked him to back. Asked him to maintain his space from me. Asked him to just turn his head toward me and not move.
Worked with him at the blue barrel to come close and not swing his butt away as with a mounting block. Got on the barrel. Asked him not to move when I am getting on or off the barrel. Lots of love and scratches for being near the barrel.
I was asking horse to do a few little things and hoping to get him to pay better attention to me.
I think the horse is really nice but he isn't paying enough attention to me and I need him and I to work together so we get to know each other. A bit of ground work should be okay to do????? I'm just trying to get to know my horse and him to know me.
Anyway, went back out later to bring him in and did a bit more with him on moving to the blue barrel mounting block. Wanted him to move his hind over and he kept trying to back instead so I moved him back up, tried again. Finally got one nice step with the hind end towards the barrel. Lots of praise.
Got on the barrel, just kneeling, I'm not standing on top of that barrel  Got him to quit trying to back every time I picked up the lead and put my hand on his withers. Every time he moved I had him go around in a circle and try it again. Gave him a carrot for standing perfect along with his scratches.
Brought him back to the home pen. Worked with a different mounting block. He did great. Quit on a good note. Fly sprayed him, picked up his feet and threw him some hay:)
Worked on Pony picking up his feet. The farrier is coming tomorrow.

Team Tucker
As I suspected, my horse does not feel respect towards me. I went out earlier and he came over so I went in to give him some scratches. He reached back and lipped me like the next phase is a nip. I was at his shoulder so I pushed him over and said "Move, move, move, move!!!!!" in a loud forceful voice. I let the message soak in for a few seconds. I then gave him some more scratches.
Just now, I went out to feed a hay snack today. This time I went into the pen with a bag on a whip [which I haven't showed him before]. I leaned the whip on the fence and he sniffed bag hanging on top of the whip. I told him back up and shook the bag while opening the gate and he did back up.
I walked in with the hay, told him to back off and shook that bag and he did back off. I threw the hay, lorded over it for a few moments and then walked away like I own the pen.
Tucker looked surprised. Yeah, there's a new owner in town buddy. And I expect a little more zip to my requests from now on.
And there will be ground work in your future and it will include a bag on a whip.
PS - I had this feeling that I wasn't being respected and he isn't just a slow mover. Of course, I don't want him to become reactive but he is looking all over when I walk him to the big pen so I know he does not think of me as a good leader....yet!

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