Thursday, July 13, 2017

Team Tucker went outside the fence.
My first between the ears shot.
Yes, he does have a long neck.
First of all, I got on after about 4 tries of having the horse stand at the mounting block. I got on by myself with no one else in the pen!
Second, Brownie the Wonderhorse and Tucker walked side by side out the big gate and onto the roadway. We walked down Tenth Street in the sandy road direction.
We saw the neighbor in the back of his truck shoveling gravel out and Tucker was looking. Karen says if you say hi to people the horse will feel better. So I said "Hi neighbor. How you doing?" Neighbor said hi back. That is all it took and Tucker felt better and looked ahead again.
Junk on the road and jack rabbits were no problem.
We went half a mile to the next road. We halted and took some between the ears photos. I even positioned the horse just right for a couple of photos. Way to communicate with my horse 
We turned around and came back the same way. Tucker sped up just a bit on the way home but was totally good and didn't get out of hand.
I managed to close the gate while on horse back. Yeah, nothing fancy. Just shoved it hard enough to make it look closed but we did manage to do that after a couple of maneuvers on horseback. I'm proud.
Tucker was guided to the mounting block where he stopped nicely and held rock solid still for me to get off.
Of course, some brushing and foot cleaning and some feeding and we were done but Tucker looked quite pleased with himself and I was quite pleased with both of us.

1 1/2 hours with Tucker

1 hour on the road, 1/2 hour in the round pen.

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