Sunday, July 30, 2017

Team Tucker Training Day

Team Tucker Training Day
I was determined to do some stuff with the horse today. Stuff like turn hind, turn fore, jog or even trot a bit. Try out the new trail course.
I cruised him around to show him the new obstacles. Then, took him into the arena.
He doesn't like the arena 
We had a mixed day. He wants to back at the drop of a hat.
We did some successful hind and fore turns. We jogged and trotted a bit while I tried to get the feeling for posting. Not too much. I finally jogged half way around the pen several times.
I actually managed to back him in a curve several times. Just something I wanted to try.
We got into a couple of small arguments. I tried to consider what to do about that. I think I am going slow but I bet I am not going slow. I think I am trying to be light but I bet I am not being light.
Anyway, a couple of times I made it clear that we were going to move forward or make the turn. Seems to have helped.
We went back out on the course and did some of the obstacles. We looked at the cowboy curtain several times and eventually I did the weave poles and then cruised through it. It isn't tall enough so I had to duck. I was happy with once. We'll get it taller and then try it again.
I did some hind end turns in the zig zag obstacle. I cruised him around the outside of the round pen and then up front where I asked him to jog in the driveway circle. Then, we turned and walked and jogged the other way.
We relaxed in the shade a bit and then I took the back way behind the garage then around the round pen and then home.
Since he had been lobbying to go home for the entire time, I tied him up and he is standing out there right now. Hey, getting home doesn't always mean grass hay and good times!
My plan is ground work with the saddle and bridle on and make backing up a non option just because I touch the bridle or rope or ask him to turn. 
Also, keep going with the intermediate riding videos.
I'm proud. I was working by myself with no one to help except Hubby took a few photos and left. We mounted and dismounted with no problems. We did have some success at my goals and we are going to keep trying at this thing called riding.

2 hours riding

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