Monday, July 31, 2017

Team Tucker got a lot of lessons today!

Team Tucker got a lot of lessons today! Trainer came over.
I feel like Tucker backs when ever you touch the reins!
I got some tools in my tool belt today.
We did ground work and I rode.
Flexing the head to the right and the left in the saddle
Asking the front feet to cross over using ground work.
Being firm when asking for a forward motion.
Having the horse drop his head during groundwork and from the saddle. Drop your head is similar to back but it is just a shortening of the reins, holding the reins low and closing the hand around the reins with out leaning back and with out pulling.
Tucker backed and backed a few times with the left side flex but then as soon as he stopped I let off the pressure. After awhile I could flex his head and neck without him backing at all.
Then, that could, after some practice, become a smooth turn when "walk" is added to the flex. I looked pro a couple of times 
I had a small stick to use as a tool for him to see waving and that convinced him to jog sooner than later 
We had a discussion when I turned him and wanted to go the other way in the pen. I tapped his butt with the stick and told him we were moving forwards and we were not turning around to go back his favorite way! Just a tap nothing abusive. My reins aren't long enough to spank him.
We had one more discussion and then it all went pretty smoothly after that. We did some nicely collected jogging. We are definitely a work in progress.
Tucker is seeing me as more of a leader more of the time! I am definitely gaining some skills.
I have lots to practice.

3 hours today

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