Saturday, July 15, 2017

Team Tucker goes through the desert to do obstacles

Team Tucker
I called my friend this morning and she came over. By the time she got here, I already saddled, bridled and mounted my Tucker .
Not only that, I managed to close the gate to the tack area and I managed to open the gate to leave the home pen....while mounted. Tucker did so good and so did I  Tucker wanted to help me by pushing the gate [Hey, lady, you don't know what you are doing, do you? Let me help.] I said no, just do what I ask, move your hind end over and let me work the gate.
I was already out front when Karen showed up. I headed out the main gate, met Brownie and Karen and we took the desert trail way to her place. About 1/2 a mile total.
We did obstacles while on horseback like the pond, the close together logs, the bridge, the cowboy curtain. Got off, checked the cinch and got back on! Did the dirt trench. Did the trash heap filled with scary stuff with a real narrow opening to leave through.
Backed out of a gated area and had the horse turn while backing.
Turned just the fore, just the hind.
Brownie the Wonderhorse expertly opened a gate going forwards and backwards. I managed to close the gate at her place [but not lock it].
Lean back to go downhill, lean forward to go uphill.
The bridge has steps going up to it and a step down!
Another neighbor showed up on her mare.
The other neighbor helped me ride home. She insisted on watching while I got off so I got off on the white board fence out front. Tucker stood still. Totally ungraceful but did get off safely. 
So many firsts today since this is our first time going through the desert, doing obstacles on horseback, riding with a stranger, working gates. Wow.
I didn't get any photos of Tucker doing obstacles but here is a photo of us in the desert on the way home. By the way, that was at least 2 hours and 15 minutes in the saddle.

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