Monday, July 3, 2017

Relaxed Tucker Time

I love this photo.

And I love this photo.

I think I look pretty good in this photo.

Team Tucker
Yes, my helmet is unbuckled. It got buckled. Let's leave it alone.
I did a good job on saddling and bridling today.
Still couldn't get Tucker to stand at the mounting block but finally had Hubby to help me hold the horse and I got on.
We cruised around in the home pen a bit and then Hubby opened the gate and out we went. Duck, there's a gate header 
We cruised through the back area and did some cross country through the back acre.
Into the arena where we walked and jogged. I tried out the posting. Yeah, I suck but I will keep working on it.
I went down the driveway and out to the front two acres.  It was our first time down the driveway and I felt really confident even so.
Frankly, it was a total success for me today except for the mounting block and getting on. I felt relaxed and comfortable.
Hubby wanted to ride so we got the step out, Tucker walked right up there and stood like a rock. To his surprise, I got off and Hubby got on.
Hubby did pretty good. Got Tucker up to the mounting block and I held him while Hubby got off.
We both gave Tucker the spa treatment with brushing, feet cleaning, saddle off and some ointment on his dry spots on his elbows and such.

Rode 2 hours

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