Saturday, July 22, 2017

Team Tucker does groundwork

Team Tucker
My first attempt at a horse selfie 
It's hard owning a new horse in some ways. I do feel like Tucker and I are bonding. I also feel like Tucker totally does not see me as the leader.
I haven't done much ground work. Maybe two times since I got him on 6/15 or about 5 weeks ago.
I did use the bag on a whip. He isn't afraid of it.
Today we worked on staying out of my space again. Also back. By the time we were done today, when I said "Back", he did!
I worked on turning the fore. Maybe still not our best thing but improved. Turning hind is going pretty good.
Stop when I stop...improved. move out on the lead and walk around me...improved.
I decided to hang out with him and just sit for awhile on the blue barrel. He finally decided to come see me and he got some rubs and some scratches. He wanted me to brush the flies away from his eyes so I did. I got a couple of selfies.
To finish up, I decided to see what he would do at liberty in the 100' 100' pen
I pointed and said "Walk". The first thing he did was fling his front foot at me as he jumped out sideways and I shook the bag and he got moving.
After a few tries got him to move out from a fair distance away. Then he took off galloping. He went around three or four times. I dropped the flag down and let the life go out of my body and said "whoa". He did whoa.
I got him to turn. Same thing on the other side. I'm in the middle of the pen and he just starts galloping. After three or four times I said "Whoa" and he stopped.
Had a turn without asking but I ran up there and got him going the right way again.
Towards the end I asked him to trot and he did. He galloped and then went to a trot when asked on each direction.
I actually think the galloping was fine. He really needed to get moving and let that energy out.
I let up on him and he stood still while I got his halter on and then desensitized him to the bag by rubbing it on him.
I let him eat a little grass on the way back to his home pen. When I said we were done, I meant we were done eating grass!
We were almost to the home pen when he kept going straight instead of turning with me. He was totally focused on the back yard instead of what he and I were doing. I told him in no uncertain terms that was bad, back up and get off the top of me.
He got some fly spray and some vetricyn on his heels. He was sweet and walked over for a little more attention while I cleaned the pen.
I am happy I did the ground work even if he is a well trained 17 year old horse with lots of experience.

you must commit to working with Tucker in order to have the kind of relationship you desire. It won't happen on its own, so get in there and work with Tucker to establish that relationship. I wish you great success and satisfaction.
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 I think I am committed to working with Tucker it is just that I have been riding him and not doing groundwork. I have been told he doesn't need groundwork, he needs to be ridden. Which he does need to be ridden. I, personally, think he also needs ground work. So, I will be riding him at least three times a week like I have been but I will also be doing ground work from now on because I think we need that. I am becoming more independent as a rider which will help me ride more times a week At first, I didn't feel secure trying to tack up and get on and manage the horse without someone here. Now I feel more confident about getting the saddle on properly and riding him although I still like to ride when Hubby is home so I have someone to call if I feel I am needing some help for some reason. Soon, I will be riding even when someone is not home.

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