Thursday, July 20, 2017


Still super smokey around here.
I tacked up and got Tucker to the mounting block. It took several tries to get him to hold still. I smacked him on the butt for backing up and walked him around. About the third or fourth time he decided to hold still.
I opened the home pen gate while mounted and almost looked pro today.
I exited the main gate and Tucker stopped and said "Brownie isn't here." I know but we are going to go find Brownie. Head out buddy.
We met Brownie after about a quarter of a mile down on the sandy road and walked out together.
Tucker likes to look around a lot but he isn't spooking and Karen thinks it is fine that he looks around so much. I said "You don't think he's looking for trouble?" "Just ride" she said.
I guess we went about two miles maybe closer to three miles. Two hours including tacking up, riding and putting Tucker away for the night.
She thinks Tucker has scratches. It isn't oozey or anything just rough looking on his hind feet. It's actually looked like that since I got him.
She also thinks that Tucker needs wedges on his front feet [due to low heels] and she asked this farrier and he said he doesn't know how to do that.
I think I need to find another farrier that does know about stuff like that. Maybe he needs them or maybe he doesn't but I think you have a farrier so you can get expert advice and if this guy knows nothing about that, then I need to find someone who does.
He didn't come with wedges and the guy that owned him had his feet x-rayed and a vet looking at him so, again, maybe he needs wedges, maybe he doesn't. I don't know.
She also thinks that $120 was too much to be charged for shoeing 4 feet.
She said I am not taking good enough care of Tucker and I have to treat him like a baby. Really, I never had to treat my mini horse or my pony like a baby so I don't know about all this but I am going to get some vetricyn to treat his hind legs. It isn't wet here so .... maybe he really just needs some moisturizer?????
I do brush him and clean his feet and I try to feed him good.
Anyway, we went around two big blocks and Tucker finally sighed and relaxed after awhile.
When we got home, I managed to close the home pen gate good enough and then Tucker stood like a rock for the dismount.
For some reason, I feel sort of insecure today.
I kind of look forward to being able to ride by myself sometimes once I think I have a handle on your basic trail riding. Too much talking wears me down. I am learning a lot but a little quiet time with my horse would be nice too.
I wonder if I am ready to ride down the sandy road and back alone? Not sure. Maybe soon.

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