Sunday, July 2, 2017

Team Tucker is forging ahead

Team Tucker is forging ahead!!!!
Threw hay with all due respect this morning from Tucker.
Took Tucker to the big arena. I asked him to pay attention to me on the way there past the shrubbery.
Got Tucker lined up nicely at the blue barrel like we were mounting. Asked him not to move when the lead line is picked up and/or his back/neck/withers are being touched.
Did some leading respect exercises. Frankly, my success was a bit limited. The flag means nothing to him. He does like touching it with his nose 
Wiggle, wiggle....WIGGLE, WIGGLE ....flap bag. Ended up just stepping up and pulling back on the rope under his chin. Oh well, he'll get it. He has no concept of what this exercise means, I think but i did walk one step, back one step. Lead out, whoa, back up, don't leak onto me. He licked his lips so I quit and moved on.
Turn fore, turn hind. He did better at that.
Left Tucker in there while I dealt with the other horses and worked on the yard. Came back and did it all over again.
I'm afraid I still had a hard time holding his attention but after all, I have only owned him less than 3 weeks and this is only my second or third day of ground work.

Groundwork 1 hour

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